How Do You Keep Belongings Safe in a Storage Unit?

Most people wonder about security concerns when they rent a storage unit. It’s normal to wonder about how safe your things will be when you can’t keep a constant eye on them. Depending on what you’re storing in the unit, you may want to opt for higher security features to keep them safe.

Modern storage facilities make security a priority. While security measures will undoubtedly vary from location to location, most owners and managers realize that their customers want more protection, not less.

These days, you can find things like CCTVs, keycard access control, and even smart technology like mobile apps that keep your property safe around the clock. Of course, how much security you want will impact what you pay for your storage unit, but peace of mind is worth the price if you’re storing valuable items or treasured family heirlooms.

Here’s what you should look for in terms of security when you rent a storage unit and some things you can do to keep your items as safe as possible.

storage unit with a padlock

Choosing the Right Self-Storage Unit

Deciding which storage facility to rent is probably the biggest factor in keeping your items safe. Ideally, they’ll have some of the following security features:

  • Cameras
  • Gates & Locks
  • 24/7 On-Site Security
  • Individual Locks on Units
  • Appropriate Lighting
  • Fencing

These are some standard security features that deter crime and prevent customer losses. However, if you need additional security, you should look for facilities with stricter access controls like personal entry codes, keycard access, and more.

Read Reviews Before You Rent

Checking out the online reviews before you rent is a great way to avoid any unnecessary security risks. A quick online glance will tell you whether other customers have dealt with frequent security issues. If you notice that theft, property damage, and other issues happen a lot, then it’s probably a place you should avoid.

Conversely, go with places that have glowing reviews. Rent a storage unit where you can expect management to respond quickly to your concerns and address any safety issues promptly.

woman adjusting a thermostat

Keeping Items in Your Storage Unit Safe

Of course, keeping your property safe from criminals is only one aspect of safety. How you store things, how long you store them, and other factors will affect how your items survive inside a storage unit.

Here are some things you should do to keep your items in excellent condition and avoid any unwanted damage.

Consider the Temperature

Storage units can get very hot in the summer under direct sunlight. Heat will be an issue if you want to keep delicate items inside, like clothing, furniture, and other fabric items. If you are worried, you should rent a climate-controlled self-storage unit. It will cost you a bit more, but you won’t have to worry about your stuff baking in the heat.

Preventing Water Damage

Sometimes storage units flood in heavy rain or when some freak accident happens at the facility. For example, if a pipe bursts, there may not be much you can do to stop water from getting on the floors of your unit. That’s why it’s a good idea not to keep things on the unit’s floor. Instead, keep things on shelves or blocks to avoid water damage.

Avoiding Pests

Good storage facilities go to great lengths to eliminate and prevent pests. However, storing food and other items that attract rodents and other animals is a considerable risk. They’ll rummage through your unit, looking for what they can find, and ruin a bunch of your stuff. So don’t keep food in self-storage units.

Use Air-Tight Containers

Keep them in sealed, air-tight plastic containers for any items you’re worried about. This will prevent any sort of mold growth or musty smell if you’re storing them long-term. In addition, you can find some terrific storage bin options for a good price online.

Keep Things Covered

Throwing a plastic tarp over a couch or mattress is another fantastic way to keep things in top condition for longer. They stop dust and other debris from settling on the fabric to keep your property looking new.

couple visiting and moving boxes to their storage unit

Visit Your Storage Unit Regularly to Keep Your Property Safe

Too often, people rent storage units and stick family items or extra stuff inside and don’t visit the unit for years. While a good facility will prevent anyone from illegally accessing your unit, visiting the unit regularly is still a good idea.

Also, taking regular trips to your unit will help you spot any issues early and limit any potential property damage. For example, if you’re storing liquids inside your unit, you’ll never know if something spills unless you open it up. Visiting your unit will also help you head off any mold outbreaks or deal with other damage concerns.

woman reviewing her storage unit contract

Follow the Storage Facility Guidelines

Finally, one of the best ways to keep belongings safe in a storage unit is to follow the facility’s rules. They are there for a reason, to keep personnel working there safe and to avoid any damage to customer property.

Facilities typically restrict fireworks, firearms, flammable items, and anything combustible. In addition, they’ll prevent people from storing anything toxic that could release dangerous fumes into neighboring units.

Before you rent, look at the lease agreement and ensure you’re following it to prevent any issues. If you ever have any questions, ask your facility manager! They are there to help make your rental a success and something you will enjoy for years, potentially.

If you’re curious about how you can keep your things safe, bring it up with them. They have years of experience that can help you avoid common mistakes people make when they first start storing things in a storage unit. And, always ask about questionable items before you put them in the unit. You never want to store something that shouldn’t be there that can damage your property and someone else’s. When in doubt, bring it up and get clarification from the management team.

Armor Storage | 517 E. Industrial Blvd. Pueblo West, Colorado 81007 United States
Armor Storage | 517 E. Industrial Blvd. Pueblo West, Colorado 81007 United States

If you’re looking for a storage facility to store your belongings, Armor Storage has got you covered in this department. Here at Armor Storage, we offer a wide range of unit selections and top-notch security. To learn more about our self-storage facility, please check out our website at

How to Properly Store Purses in a Storage Unit?

If you spend a lot of money on purses, it pays to keep them in good condition. Depending on the purse, certain brands and models can appreciate in price. Several years down the road, you could end up selling your purse for much more than you originally paid for it.

Obviously, storing purses in the closet for a week while you show off another bag is different than getting long-term storage right. However, a storage unit is one of the best solutions available if you’re a passionate collector, a reseller, or you need to store your purses while you move houses.

Keeping purses upright, organizing them in airtight containers, and avoiding stacking purses on top of each other will get you most of the way. However, keeping valuable items in storage units also requires some additional information specific to storage facilities.

Here’s a helpful guide on what you should do before storing valuable purses or bags you treasure in a storage unit.

white open cabinet in a room

Invest in Some Shelving Units

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when putting things in storage is stuffing items in boxes and tossing them on the ground in storage units. If you’re putting valuables in a storage unit, you owe it to yourself to make an effort to keep them in better condition.

Buying shelving units or moving some shelves that you already have are great ways to avoid losing track of your purses or ruining them. Instead of throwing them in a random box, you can place them in containers on shelves where the odds of something smushing them are much lower.

Use the Right Containers

If you’re particularly organized, then you’ll find airtight containers that are clear and big enough to keep your purse in the box. Boxes are another layer of protection for your purses, even if you have them in a plastic container. For example, if you or someone else picks up the container, the purse can shift around because it’s not made to the purse’s specific dimensions.

The box, on the other hand, is made to fit the purse precisely, so you reduce the chances that your purse will shift around and hit the walls of the container.

Buy stackable containers if you have a lot of purses. See-through containers are typically the best choice because you can see what’s inside easier. But, if you need to, label the outside to make grabbing what you need a lot faster.

different bags on an open shelve rack

Keep Purses Off of the Floor

High-quality storage units are clean and well-kept. Still, that’s no reason to be careless, especially with items that carry a lot of value. In addition, storing things on the ground in a self-storage unit increases the risks of water damage if a flood or something else inside your unit spills.

Even if you don’t have shelving units, find a way to keep your purses off of the ground. Whether that’s stacking them on top of other boxes with clothes, etc., in them or some other solution, it’s worth your time.

Keep Purses Upright

When you don’t have containers or aren’t keeping your purses in there long-term, make sure to keep your bags upright. Laying them on their sides can cause rust, discoloration, and other damage. When in doubt, store your purses in the position they’re meant to be held.

If the purse won’t stand up on its own, that’s when containers or boxes with packing paper come in handy.

beautiful purses on display

Fill the Purses with Stuffing

If you go into designer stores, you’ll find that a lot of them fill their purses with packing paper or some other similar material to help the purses keep their intended shape. This is a tip you should bring when you put your bags in a storage unit. Find a material that won’t bleed into your purses or otherwise damage them and fill the empty spaces to keep them in the best possible condition.

Choosing the Right Storage Unit

With a bit of effort, you can dramatically improve your results if you keep purses in a long-term storage unit.

First, you should only rent a storage unit with good reviews and the right policies in place to give you peace of mind. A random storage unit down the street might be fine for sticking some old clothes inside, but you should think about better options when money is on the line.

Look at what sort of security the storage facility has in place. Basic security measures include video cameras, gate access into the facility, and security guards on-site 24/7. Higher security can mean personalized access codes and mobile apps that let you schedule visits and monitor your unit from afar.

A climate-controlled self-storage unit is the best bet for people carrying expensive inventory. With climate controls, you can set your unit at a specific temperature, so you don’t have to worry about things melting in heat or changing colors during the summer.

Lastly, make sure you know your facility’s threshold for storing valuables. Most facilities will have a specific dollar limit when it comes to the total value of what you can store inside your unit, and it’s often not more than a few thousand. That means if you’re looking to store a Birkin, a traditional self-storage facility is probably not the place for it.

woman cleaning a small brown purse

Clean Your Bags Before You Store Them

A little time spent cleaning your purses before they go into long-term storage will keep them in better shape. When you keep items in a storage unit, dirt and other debris can eat into the material the longer you keep them in there.

If you want to find your purses in good condition when you take them out, give them a good cleaning before storing them. Also, ensure that all your bags are completely dry before you store them because excess moisture can cause mold growth and other issues.

When you clean the straps, do your best to place the straps inside of the bags or otherwise cover them to avoid creasing them unintentionally. If you lay your purse awkwardly on a strap, you could end up with a permanent line where the weight of the purse touches the straps.

Self-storage units are a fantastic choice for keeping valuables, including high-end purses. If you have questions about how to store them, you can also ask the storage unit manager for advice. They’ve probably dealt with similar issues in the past and can tell you what to do.

Armor Storage | 517 E. Industrial Blvd. Pueblo West, Colorado 81007 United States
Armor Storage | 517 E. Industrial Blvd. Pueblo West, Colorado 81007 United States

If you’re looking for a storage facility to store your belongings, Armor Storage has got you covered in this department. Here at Armor Storage, we offer a wide range of unit selections and top-notch security. To learn more about our self-storage facility, please check out our website at

How to Store Shoes in a Storage Unit without Destroying Them?

Shoes can damage easily in the right circumstances, so storing them properly is the way to go if you want to keep them in better condition longer. With the right storage strategy, you can keep your shoes in top shape for years or even decades.

Whether you’re managing a move and need somewhere to put your shoes for a few months, or you’re a collector with years’ worth of inventory, storage units are a fantastic place to keep shoes. You can avoid moving them too much, which is one of the main ways they get damaged. 

By keeping them in containers, managing space well, and watching out for things like mold growth, you can add years to your shoes’ lifespan and get the peace of mind you need knowing your shoes are ok.

Choosing the right type of unit and the containers you use will make a massive difference in how your shoes survive. Here’s what you need to know about storing shoes in a storage unit without destroying them.

colorful shoes neatly organized in a white cabinet

Giving Shoes the Room They Need

One of the biggest mistakes people make storing shoes is piling them on each other. If you walk into a lot of houses, you’ll see baskets or bins full of shoes stacked in a mess. This, of course, is no way to keep shoes in good condition.

If you’re already keeping shoes like this, then you’re probably not overly concerned with how they’ll do in a storage unit. You’re here, however, because you likely care more and want to find ways to prevent rot, dirt, and creases.

The main thing you want to do is give your shoes the correct amount of room. Whether you’re keeping your storage unit specifically for your shoes or you have other items, you need to ensure they aren’t on top of each other or smashed under heavy objects.

locked green storage unit

Finding the Right Storage Unit

Deciding on the best storage unit is your first step. For example, you may want to pay more for a climate-controlled unit if you live somewhere that gets extremely hot. This is because shoes can melt in extreme temperatures, and even hot units can cause discolorations or colors to fade depending on how long you keep things in there.

If you’re unsure, talk to the rental leasing office before you move in to get their advice on the best unit for you. Also, rent a big enough unit for your shoes and anything else you’re storing to avoid shoving things in corners or stacking too many items on top of each other.

clear plastic containers

Containers for Your Shoes

Buy clear, air-tight containers to keep shoes in. If you’re only putting a pair of shoes in your unit for a week or so, then keeping them in a box or out in the open is no big deal. Any longer, however, you’ll want something better for storage.

With clear, sealed containers, you can stack your shoes on top of each other without worrying about anything crushing them. You can also pop over to your storage unit and find what you need quickly if you want to wear or sell something.

Plastic tubs or containers will keep your shoes looking new and prevent anything from mashing into them.

You may also want to wrap each individual shoe in either plastic wrap or packing paper for added protection. While this may not be realistic for shoes you’ll regularly wear, keeping shoes for future sale or storing them for an undetermined amount of time may require extra wrapping.

Make sure your shoes are dry before you put them in the container. The seal will trap any excess moisture inside, which could affect how they look when you take them out. In addition, you can buy moisture-wicking products to keep near your shoes to eliminate any water.

open concept closet with clothes hanging and shoes align at the bottom

Keep Your Shoes Off of the Ground

Don’t put anything on the ground of your storage unit. While most facilities go to great lengths to avoid anything like water damage from affecting tenants, you’re better safe than sorry.

If you can, buy some affordable shelving units where you can store shoes and any other small items in your unit. You can build them and have them up in a matter of minutes, and it will help you keep your shoes more organized.

You never want to keep shoes on the ground because if something in the unit spills or if there is a serious storm, you may get water on the floor.

rubber shoes in the box

Cover Your Shoes

Even though your shoes aren’t under direct sunlight, you should keep the shoes covered to avoid any yellowing. This is an especially helpful hint if you’re keeping your shoes in the unit long-term. Left alone for too long, your shoes can take on a yellow or brownish hue that will ruin them.

Keep them in the box before you put them in the plastic containers. You can also use tarps or blankets to cover them and prevent any sun or air damage to your shoes.

storing sneakers in the shoe cabinet

Organization is Key

Above all, keep track of your shoes by having a system for storage. Suppose you’ve ever seen any reality TV shows about storage units. In that case, you’ll know that the units with poor organization often have a lot of mold and other unnecessary damage to the property inside. On the other hand, well-kept storage units are easier to move through and keep items in better condition.

When you’re moving into a storage unit to store your shoe collection, you should have a plan before moving anything valuable inside.

Sort your shoes based on how often you’ll need them. Keeping less-used items in the back will save you time and prevent any excess handling that you want to avoid. Grouping them based on style or occasion is the best way to go.

With the right approach, you can keep your shoes in fantastic condition for years in a storage unit. Follow these steps to avoid damage and store your shoes worry-free as long as you need them.

Armor Storage | 517 E. Industrial Blvd. Pueblo West, Colorado 81007 United States
Armor Storage | 517 E. Industrial Blvd. Pueblo West, Colorado 81007 United States

If you’re looking for a storage facility to store your belongings, Armor Storage has got you covered in this department. Here at Armor Storage, we offer a wide range of unit selections and top-notch security. To learn more about our self-storage facility, please check out our website at

How Long Can You Rent a Storage Unit?

Finding the right storage can be the perfect solution for how you manage space. Across the United States, millions of people use storage units to manage moves, store seasonal equipment and toys, and keep family heirlooms. They’re safe, convenient, and affordable.

People often wonder how long rental lease terms are, which stops them from getting the space they need. How long can you rent a storage unit? Rental facilities are typically very flexible with their terms. Shorter leases will typically cost you more per month, and you’re more likely to get a better deal with a longer lease.

Before you go to a storage facility, call them or visit their website to look at their lease term options. If you have a unique situation, ask the management team about a workaround and see what they can do.

Here’s some helpful information about how to rent a storage unit and different lease agreements.

boxes outside a storage unit

Monthly Rentals

Most storage unit renters rent on a month-by-month basis. However, monthly rentals make things more flexible for owners versus something like an annual lease, and it helps owners and managers run their businesses smoothly.

In many instances, storage companies will have a minimum term no matter how long you need the unit. If you live in an area with high demand, finding something with a shorter window can be difficult than a single month. You may end up having to pay the minimum even though you don’t need it that long.

Weekly Rentals

What if you don’t need a storage unit for a month or longer? If you look around, you’re likely to find some storage facilities offering weekly rentals. Usually, these rental companies cater to people like college students, people moving because of jobs, and other short-term needs.

You can expect to pay more on a monthly basis for a weekly rental, but some people enjoy the flexibility they offer.

couples doing inventory on the things they have in a storage unit

Annual Rentals

If you want to get the best deal on cost, then renting a storage unit by the year is your best bet. Self-storage facilities will often lower their prices the longer you agree to rent.

Taking Over Someone’s Lease

Sometimes, you can get more flexibility by offering to take over someone else’s rental lease on a storage unit. For example, if someone signs a year-long lease and then doesn’t need the unit after eight or nine months, they’ll try to find someone who can take over the rest of their lease. It works similarly to apartments.

Some facilities let this happen, and others forbid subleases or selling contracts, so you will need to check before you take someone’s unit. When it does work, though, it’s a great way to get more flexibility in a high-demand area that doesn’t give you a lot of leasing options.

couple moving their boxes in the storage unit

Seasonal Promotions

Before you sign a normal lease with a storage facility, you should check around for any specials or promotions running in your area. Then, you can save money and find the lease tenure that you’re looking for when companies are trying to attract new business.

Many facilities will run promotions in the summer or at the end of school semesters to bring in new tenants, so these are usually great times to sign a new lease.

Even if you don’t see any promotions in your area, you should call potential storage facilities and ask them if they have any discounts going for new customers.

keypad with a word cancel on red button

Canceling Your Storage Unit

Be careful when signing your lease because you may end up paying for a storage unit longer than you need. For instance, if you have a three-month minimum on your contract and only need the unit for a month, you will need to pay the lease in full.

Waiting until the end of the month is another mistake some renters make. Many rental facilities don’t pro-rate leases. If you have something in the unit, or you don’t call to cancel until after the first of the next month, you’re probably going to have to pay for the entire month.

If you do need to cancel, let your facility manager or the leasing office know ahead of time. Ideally, you’ll call them a couple of weeks before you need to stop using the unit and close out the month before having to pay for a month you’re not using.

Canceling your contract with months left to go will vary by company. Some rental facilities will ask you to pay something like a month’s rent to offset the cost of finding a new tenant, and some companies will ask you to pay the entire lease in full.

couple checking the their contract with their storage facility

Knowing How Long You Need

Understanding how long you need a storage unit isn’t always easy. Every year, thousands of people rent a unit by the week, thinking that they only need it for a short while. However, a good portion of them keeps the unit for months and years because life situations change or they realize how beneficial it is to have the extra space.

If you’re moving because of a job, then it’s relatively easy to predict how long you’ll need the unit. However, things like home renovations, the passing of a family member and managing their things, storing business inventory, and other reasons aren’t as easy to predict.

Working with a reputable storage company makes everything easier. First, read some online reviews, talk to the management team to see how responsive they are, and gauge their customer service. An experienced rental office will ask you some questions about your situation and make recommendations on how long they think you should rent a unit.

Work with them on a lease that fits your needs and get the most out of having a storage unit. Depending on what you need, whether you’re looking for a place to stick your bikes during the winter or you need a place to keep mom’s couch, you can find a great deal on a unit by the week or for years.

Armor Storage | 517 E. Industrial Blvd. Pueblo West, Colorado 81007 United States
Armor Storage | 517 E. Industrial Blvd. Pueblo West, Colorado 81007 United States

If you’re looking for a storage facility to store your belongings, Armor Storage has got you covered in this department. Here at Armor Storage, we offer a wide range of unit selections and top-notch security. To learn more about our self-storage facility, please check out our website at

How Do You Store Gym Equipment? Can You Store It in a Storage Unit?

Steady routines are vital to successful exercise programs. If you talk to most people, they’ll tell you that sticking to a plan works. But, unfortunately, few people see real success by walking into the gym without knowing what they’re doing that day and why.

The same goes for how you work out at home. You can significantly improve your health, strength, or fitness goals with the right equipment. Of course, a big part of having the right equipment is keeping it well-organized and storing it properly.

People want gym equipment they can use, but that doesn’t get in the way of ordinary life. We all know someone with a treadmill in the basement that’s turned into a toy storage platform. Developing a good storage solution will keep your gym equipment in better condition for longer and make them easier to use.

Storage units are also an excellent longer-term solution for when you’re moving and also serve as a fantastic place to keep seasonal gym items that you only need during certain parts of the year.

Working out at home sometimes means having bands, belts, weights, mats, and a ton of other gear around the house. Deciding how and where to put things can be challenging. Here are some tips on storing your equipment when putting things in a storage unit makes the most sense.

yoga mat and gym ball at the house

Keep a Dedicated Gym Space

You have enough space for a dedicated home gym if you’re lucky. While not everyone can outfit a CrossFit gym at home or has the room for a squat rack, even finding a corner to keep all of your things is the best place to start.

Knowing where to go helps make working out automatic. This is critical for beginners who, typically, face more internal resistance when they need to work out. Keep all of your yoga mats, jump ropes, and dumbbells in the same area of your house.

Using Vertical Space

Instead of having everything in boxes or baskets on the floor, improve your gym equipment storage by taking advantage of vertical space on your walls. You can install hanging racks, baskets, pegs, and shelves to store your gym gear to give you easy access.

You can hang mats, towels, and other gym accessories with the right vertical storage solution. Obviously, you won’t want to hang anything too heavy on your walls, but at least it will save you some floor space and keep things where you can find them.

gym equipments in a room

Buy Gear that Fits Your Space

Sometimes storing gym equipment properly starts with buying the right gear. For example, avoid buying bulky items if you live in a small house or don’t have a dedicated home gym. You may end up regretting that elliptical that’s sitting in the middle of your living room.

Nowadays, you can find equipment that folds and flexes to fit under beds, in small closets, and under couches. As a result, you usually don’t have to sacrifice much in the way of function, but you may have to go without the fanciest machines if you lack the proper space.

Keep Heavy Equipment Away from Wood

Weights and hardwood floors don’t mix. Even weights wrapped in plastic can become sticky when it’s hot and damage your floors or anything else they’re on. Be careful with any heavy equipment. Always do your best to store them on soft pads where they can’t dent floors or walls.

grey blanket

Use Baskets & Cover Gym Equipment with a Blanket

If you need the gym equipment but don’t want your house to look like you’re living in a gym, then baskets are an excellent solution. Buy some stylish baskets to keep everything in, no matter where your home gym is. If it’s in the corner of the dining room or in the basement, feel free to toss a nice blanket over the top or find other ways to conceal that it’s gym equipment. A little work will make it look like your gear fits in with the rest of your house.

Storing Your Gym Equipment in a Storage Unit

Self-storage units are a great place to keep gym equipment when it’s not the right season or you’re in a transition where you can’t use them at the moment. For example, if your bench press is outside, chances are you won’t be using it much when there’s a foot of snow on the ground. Leaving your weights and bar out there will make them rust and could ruin them.

With a storage unit, you have a flex space where you can park certain gym items and switch things out based on the weather or stage of fitness. However, you also need to know how to store gym equipment in a storage unit to avoid premature rust, mold, and other damage.

clear plastic containers

Here’s what you should do:

Cover Your Gym Equipment

Cover your items in the unit whenever possible. It will be much better than nothing if all that means is throwing a tarp over your rack or weights. A covering helps lower the risk of water damage, mold growth, or accidental spills.

Store Small Items in Boxes or Plastic Tubs

Small items left in a storage unit for months will do way better in a sealed bin. Label them, so you know where things are and can grab what you need in seconds rather than sorting through everything randomly.

Keep Things Off of the Ground

You should keep gym equipment off of the ground whenever possible. This, again, helps to lower the risk of any water damage and will generally keep your things in better condition, Buy some affordable shelving units and stick them in there where you can keep your mats dry and mold-free.

Lots of people use self-storage units for gym equipment they don’t need. Whether they’re building a new home and making plans for a home gym, or they’re having a baby, and the gym equipment has to go, for the time being, storing gear the right way makes a big difference.

Armor Storage | 517 E. Industrial Blvd. Pueblo West, Colorado 81007 United States
Armor Storage | 517 E. Industrial Blvd. Pueblo West, Colorado 81007 United States

If you’re looking for a storage facility to store your belongings, Armor Storage has got you covered in this department. Here at Armor Storage, we offer a wide range of unit selections and top-notch security. To learn more about our self-storage facility, please check out our website at

Ways to Divide Space in a Small House

The coronavirus accelerated a massive shift in how we work. Sure, there were already people working from home and in coffee shops, but not at the scale they are now. Entire companies changed from in-office work to fully remote teams.

Now, people are spending more time at home and, as a result, need to re-think how they use their space. Finding creative ways to divide space in a small house will make it feel bigger and keep you more organized. How you position your furniture and use the right dividers will make all the difference.

You don’t always need an expensive divider or a large renovation to divide the pace, though both of those things do a fantastic job. Sometimes, you can effectively divide space with a bookshelf, clothing rack, or a buffet table.

Here are some ways you can divide space in a small house to get work done better, entertain guests, or do whatever else you need.

single couch in the living room with a vertical divider at the back

Buying Dividers

Plenty of furniture stores sell dividers that come in different materials like bamboo, oak, or lightweight plywood. You can find dividers with designs on them or in solid colors if that’s what you prefer. You can hang art on your dividers, put colorful wallpaper on them, or use dividers to hang whiteboards or corkboard that you need for work.

In a small apartment, dividers do a great job when you need to separate your bedroom and home office space in the same room. They can mark where the kitchen ends and where the dining room begins if you live in a studio or somewhere with an open floor plan.

sectional couch in a small house

Sectional Couches 

Sectionals do a terrific job of breaking up open floor plans. You can set up a desk for work behind your couch that extends away from the wall, and people visiting will know that it’s a dedicated space.

What’s more, you’ll feel the difference as you move from your couch to your desk. Often, just a small change of scenery like that is enough to get you into work mode or help take your mind off your work when it’s time to relax.

clothes rack with a bunch of jackets

A Clothes Rack

A stylish clothing rack can double as a room divider and extra closet space if you live in a small apartment. Position it between your bed and the rest of your room to break up the area. Then, hang your clothes on the rack to give yourself some extra privacy in the bedroom.

cute sofa beside a plant rack as a divider

Using Plants to Divide Space

If you don’t have any plants yet, you can use them to break up a small house and spruce things up. Plants are a wonderful addition to any home, and as long as you are up for the maintenance, they can last for years and keep your area feeling welcoming and relaxed. In addition, homes with plants in them usually feel bigger.

tied up cute curtain


What if you want the option to divide the space but don’t love permanent barriers? In small homes, sometimes people want to take advantage of open floor plans, and other times they want some privacy.

Curtains come in handy when you need to go back and forth. You can hang a curtain rod above a doorway or across the ceiling and buy some tasteful curtains that add to the style of your home.

All you have to do is pull them shut when you need to divide the space and open them up when you want to open up the house.

bookshelves used a room divider at home with a plant beside a window


Bookshelves are another great divider choice because you can buy some of them without solid backs. In addition, the ability to see through a bookshelf can make your small house feel bigger as opposed to a solid bookshelf that really compartmentalizes a room.

If you can, you may also want to double-up uses for your bookshelf by purchasing one that has a section for a desk already built in. Use some of the shelves to hold your jewelry box, small plans, and trinkets you pick up when you travel to make things feel more inviting.

barn door installed in a new house

Install a Barn Door

Barn doors are awesome because they slide from side to side instead of swinging open. When you’re short on space, a barn door can divide a bedroom and sitting area, the kitchen from the dining room, and other common areas.

Installing a barn door is a lot more challenging than some of the other divider options on this list, so you may need to enlist the help of a contractor or a couple of friends who know what they’re doing.

Choose a door made of wood that adds to your home’s value, and you’ll love the way it looks and breaks up your home into more spaces.

Buy Some Folding Screens on Wheels

People want the ability to divide spaces but not to have permanent features that make their small home feel even smaller. With folding screens on wheels, you can move dividers around your house depending on when you need to section off an area in your home.

These are the perfect solution for when you and your friend or partner are both working at home. For example, if one of your needs to jump on a video call, you can slide the folding screens in place to make it seem like you’re working in your dedicated home office.

gray couch with a storage underneath

Take Advantage of Vertical Space

When we think about dividing small spaces, we typically go straight to how to break up floorplans. However, people can also get a lot of use out of vertical spaces. You can, for example, build storage into areas under your bed or buy furniture with built-in storage under cushions to help you keep things more organized.

Building cabinets all the way up to the ceiling is an effective way to make kitchen organization easier in small apartments in cities and other smaller homes.

Finding the right way to divide the space can be challenging, but there are some great ways to make your home feel bigger and a section of places to work, sleep, or entertain.

Armor Storage | 517 E. Industrial Blvd. Pueblo West, Colorado 81007 United States
Armor Storage | 517 E. Industrial Blvd. Pueblo West, Colorado 81007 United States

If you’re looking for a storage facility to store your belongings, Armor Storage has got you covered in this department. Here at Armor Storage, we offer a wide range of unit selections and top-notch security. To learn more about our self-storage facility, please check out our website at

Small Home Office Ideas

Over the past two years, workers have experienced a massive shift in where they work. If you’re a white-collar worker and all you need is a computer, a phone, and an internet connection to get work done, you now likely have more freedom to do your job than ever.

If you’re one of the people who can now work from home, you should count yourself lucky. However, while other people are probably envious of your flexibility, your reality may be very different.

Not everyone had a nice, big home office waiting for them before COVID-19. People are making do on dining room tables and sitting on their beds. But if you want to get more work done, nothing beats a dedicated space. If you have a small space for an office, there are things you can do to make it comfortable and productive.

Take advantage of modern technology and storage options to create a new home office that you’ll love. Of course, it will take some work, but you can design a space where you won’t have to scramble and kick people out of the room before your next work call.

tidy office table at home

How Technology Saves You Space

Younger workers are used to doing everything on their phones. For older workers, going digital is usually more of a challenge, so you’re going to have to move in phases. However, the payoff is worth it if you make an effort.

By switching to a digital calendar, notes applications, and online storage, you can eliminate many of the trappings of traditional office space. For example, you will need fewer filing cabinets and cork boards because everything you need will be digital.

Before you set up your office, or if you feel like your office is too cluttered, take a look at what you can use in terms of software or even hardware to save some space. For example, taking pictures of your important documents and saving them in the cloud or on a local hard drive will save you a lot of room. It will keep your desk cleaner and make your small office feel bigger.

Keeping Things Tidy Improves Your Office

Increase your space by keeping things clean. When it comes to your home office, clean means good wire organization, things put away in drawers and taking those dirty cups to the kitchen.

The more you clean, the better you’ll feel as you work, and you can transform any corner of your home into the professional setting that you need to focus on your job.

little office space at home

Choose the Right Furniture

The desk and chair you ultimately decide to use for a home office will greatly impact how your space feels. You need a desk that’s big enough for you to work on, but that won’t monopolize whatever room you’re in.


These days, you can buy desks in corner configurations to take advantage of unused spaces in your room. For example, if you’ve got an empty corner in a bedroom or the living room, you can put a desk there and make it your work area.

Office Chairs

We all love the idea of a large comfortable office chair that we can sit in all day, but that’s not very realistic when you are in a small space. Large office chairs on wheels become a distraction from your interior design.

Instead, stick with a chair that fits your home’s aesthetic. It will help your office blend in even when it’s in a place like your bedroom. If you must, borrow a chair from the dining room table and put it back once you’re through.

office supplies neatly stored on the wall cabinet

Use the Wall for Storage

If you need ideas on where to put your laptop, folders, hang your monitor, etc., you should consider using the wall space around your workstation. Install hooks and pegs that will help you organize your work items.

The right hooks and shelves make storing things vertically much easier, and they’ll look fantastic too! The best part is that they are easy to install and will hold whatever you need.

Vertical storage is extremely handy if you’re working on a multi-purpose desk that doubles as your vanity or something similar.

guy using his laptop and noise cancelling headset

Buy Some Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Sometimes it’s impossible to escape the hubbub of a busy home. If you have kids and have worked at home, you know how difficult it can be to minimize noise. It’s easy to feel like you spend half of your time screaming at other people to stay quiet because you’re getting on a call.

Thankfully, most people are accustomed to hearing pets and family members in the background now that so many people work at home. Still, you want some semblance of quiet to help you focus. That’s where a good pair of noise-canceling headphones come in.

Newer headphone models also come with features that limit background noise. Using them with computer applications that let you blur the background of your camera means you can draw attention to your face and what you’re saying.

small office at home

How to Create Space at Home for an Office

You may need to make room for your home office if you get tired of working on the couch. Clearing out space isn’t always easy, especially if you’re in a small house or an apartment. If you’ve got some extra storage space at home, you can move a dresser or a chair to make room for your new office.

You can also rent a self-storage unit to manage your space better. With a storage unit, you can keep things like bikes, toys, sporting equipment, exercise equipment, and other items that take up valuable room. There are probably storage facilities in your area close to where you live, so grabbing what you need is never too hard.

A storage unit can make life much easier if you’re self-employed or perform operation work that requires managing inventory or boxing and shipping. Keep supplies and inventory in the unit, and grab what you’ll use whenever you need to resupply.

Armor Storage | 517 E. Industrial Blvd. Pueblo West, Colorado 81007 United States
Armor Storage | 517 E. Industrial Blvd. Pueblo West, Colorado 81007 United States

If you’re looking for a storage facility to store your belongings, Armor Storage has got you covered in this department. Here at Armor Storage, we offer a wide range of unit selections and top-notch security. To learn more about our self-storage facility, please check out our website at

Small Space Solutions

Living in small spaces often means you have to go without many of the trappings of larger spaces. For example, there’s typically less room for all of the kitchen appliances you love, and you’re always going to negotiate with yourself in your head whenever it’s time to buy something new.

Everything from buying furniture to getting new clothes can be challenging because you’re always wondering how much space you have and where you’ll put things. Unfortunately, living in the city makes things like closets and cabinets a luxury.

If you’re living in a small space, there are some strategies you can use to maximize storage space and avoid getting rid of things you love. Here are some great ideas for where you can put things and get the most out of your space!

Use Vertical Storage as Much as Possible

In small spaces, it’s vital that you take advantage of vertical storage as much as you can. Thankfully, there are tons of effective storage options that you can buy online or at your local home goods store.

Here are a few examples of what you can do:

door hanger shoe rack

Door Hanger Shoe Racks

Buy a rack that hangs on the back of your door and put it in your bedroom. These racks come with slots for several pairs of shoes, so you can keep your shoes clean in their own compartments versus tossing them in a tub somewhere altogether.

Install Wall Shelves

Put custom shelves on wall space that you’re not using. For example, spaces above beds are a great location for shelving units where you can keep extra stuff that you don’t always need.

Storage Bins in Closets

If you do have closets, you should take advantage of the space from the floor to the bottom of where your clothes hang. You can buy some storage bins with shelves in them and stick them in your closets for bathroom items, shoes, winter clothes, and other items.

Hang More Clothes

Speaking of closets, people in small spaces should hang as many of their clothing items as possible. Hung clothing takes up much less space than clothes in drawers. In addition, hanging your clothes can help you eliminate the need for another bulky dresser in your apartment or house.

Use Shelving Units

Shelving units are a fantastic way to store things vertically. There are several great options and shelves that you can space out as much as you need. In addition, you can insert more shelves to eliminate the space between them, so you can fit more things and stay better organized!

bike hanging on the wall in the living room

Hang Bikes & Other Equipment

If you have a bike, scooter, or other outdoor recreational equipment, consider storing them on walls or handing them from the ceiling as well. You can buy bike racks that attach to walls or ceiling beams to keep your bikes out of the way.

These are just a few vertical storage ideas you can use to maximize space and declutter small spaces.

Get Creative with Space

Finding creative ways to store things in small spaces like city apartments will make organizing your stuff a lot easier. Here are some examples of where you can put stuff in non-traditional storage spaces.

Under the Beds

Storing things under your bed keeps them out of sight and within arm’s reach. People do well by storing things like seasonal clothing items, extra sheets, and even toiletries under their beds. You can buy clear containers with wheels on them that easily slide in and out from under your bed. Just stick a label on them, and you’ll stay much better organized.

If you’re looking for more space, then you can elevate your bed! First, find something you can put your bed posts on to give yourself a few extra inches. LIfting beds is something college students have done for decades to get more storage space out of small dorm rooms.

bed frame with drawers

Furniture with Storage

If you’re living in a small space, then you’re probably always thinking about buying things with compartments. Whether it’s a couch with a storage shelf underneath or a foyer bench with shoe storage, buying the right furniture can give you a ton of added space!

Hooks & Pegs

Wherever possible, installing hooks and pegs on your walls is a terrific way to store items you use frequently. In small spaces, the ability to hang a purse or a coat when you walk through the door will save you time and keep your items in better condition.

Above Doorways

This might not be an option for renters, but owners who live in small spaces may want to take advantage of empty spaces above doorways. Installing custom cabinets over doorframes is a great way to find space for pots, pans, mixers, and other kitchen items. In addition, you can store extra pillows up there and other items you don’t need every day.

How to Use Self-Storage Units to Free Up Space

Every year, more and more people discover the benefits of self-storage units that help them live more comfortably in small spaces. People store business inventory in them, family heirlooms, and a variety of other items. With a storage unit, you don’t have to worry about where you’ll put things, and they’re usually in striking distance to make putting things inside or taking them out a breeze.

couple putting boxes in a self storage unit

There’s a good chance you have a quality self-storage unit just a few minutes from where you live, and you can find a size that fits your needs at a great price. Having a storage unit means you don’t have to sacrifice things you want just because you won’t use them all of the time. Simply keep your winter items or that bread maker in your unit and pop over to grab it when it’s that time of year.

Your small space doesn’t limit you. For an affordable price, a storage unit can be the extension you need to keep your place from getting cluttered. There are climate-controlled units where you can store delicates, and you can also typically change the size of your unit if you end up needing something bigger down the road.

Armor Storage | 517 E. Industrial Blvd. Pueblo West, Colorado 81007 United States
Armor Storage | 517 E. Industrial Blvd. Pueblo West, Colorado 81007 United States

If you’re looking for a storage facility to store your belongings, Armor Storage has got you covered in this department. Here at Armor Storage, we offer a wide range of unit selections and top-notch security. To learn more about our self-storage facility, please check out our website at

How Do You Tell If Your House Is Cluttered?

Clutter tends to sneak up on people quickly. One moment you’re managing all of your stuff just fine, and then suddenly, you feel like you have nowhere to put things and can’t find where your sewing machine is.

Staying organized is more challenging the more stuff you have, and a cluttered house always seems like it’s in disarray. You can tell your house is cluttered when you’re frustrated by how many things you have or if you feel like you can’t ever keep things clean because there’s no space to put things.

cluttered living area in the house

Decluttering is hard work. It’s relatively easy to throw away junk but deciding what to keep and what to get rid of when you have nice things is challenging. If you’re wondering whether your house is too cluttered and what you can do about it, we’ve put together a list to help. Here are some ways you can tell if you have too many things and where you can start decluttering today.

Deciding You Have Too Much

Sometimes you just have to live with clutter. Families with small kids are a great example of people who must adjust expectations regarding organization and cleanliness. Small children need toys, special cups, extra clothes, and school supplies.

As you move through life, your ability to control and manage clutter changes. Your definition of clutter will be different than someone else’s. People have different tolerance levels for how much stuff they have and what they need to feel comfortable where they are. For instance, some folks work better on a cluttered desk. Others need their workspace completely clean before they can focus. It all depends.

Here are some signs you’ve got too much clutter in your house.

problematic girl because of her messy house

You Feel Like You Can’t Keep Things Clean

If you’re stuffing things into overflowing drawers or are constantly looking for new places to put things when you clean, you probably have too much stuff. People who excel at organizing have dedicated spaces for almost everything. There are no jumbles of wires in cabinets or piles of clothing at the bottom of closets.

You Hate Your Living Space

Your home should make you feel relaxed and at peace. You need to declutter your space if it doesn’t because there’s simply too much stuff inside. Pay attention to how you feel when you’re at home around your things. Ideally, most of your stuff will be a source of joy rather than trigger any sort of stress.

girl looking for something under the sofa

You Can’t Find What You Need

Trouble finding things you need is another sign you’re too cluttered. It’s fine if you occasionally can’t find something, but when it becomes a common issue, then you need to eliminate things to stay better organized.

Other People Make Comments

You should never put too much weight into what people say about your house and how you live your life, but regular comments about clutter should be a concern. Unfortunately, people become accustomed to the level of clutter they’re around every day. Sometimes, it takes an outside opinion to ground you and face reality. Asking a friend or a close relative for their opinion may be a good idea to gauge where you are.

Feeling Embarrassed to Host Guests

Do you feel embarrassed about how disorganized your house is to the point where you don’t want people to come over? If so, you’ve got an issue. Hoarders are notoriously protective of their spaces and don’t want anyone coming in because they feel embarrassed and don’t want to face judgment.

You may not be at that level, but if you’re shying away from hosting friends because of the clutter in your house, it’s time to take action.

pickup truck parked outside the house

You Park Your Cars Outside

If you’ve got a garage, but you can’t park your car inside, then you’re probably dealing with too much clutter. The same goes for basements, sheds, and other utility spaces. Anytime you feel like you can’t use them for what they’re intended for, then you likely need to clear out some stuff.

These are just some of the ways you can tell if your house is cluttered. In many cases, people will start to feel like they have too many things, which indicates it’s time for some spring cleaning.

How to Start Decluttering Your House?

Starting is typically the most challenging part when you realize that your stuff is an issue and that you need to get organized.

First, you should set some realistic goals about how you want to live and what you want your house to look like. Overnight change is unlikely unless you’re okay with getting rid of some things you’ll wish you hadn’t. Take things slowly for better results and to avoid mistakes.

Consider each item as you go through them. Start with things that you haven’t used for months and pay attention to how they make you feel. Decide what your life will be like without them. Don’t hold onto things just in case you might need to make pasta from scratch, or you’ll eventually get back on that 10-year-old treadmill. Move on.

woman declutering her clothes

Once you get rid of everything that you don’t need, then it’s time to think about where to put them. When you have limited storage space at home and no longer want to sacrifice places like your garage or the guest bedroom, it’s time to look for other options.

Renting a self-storage unit is an excellent option for people who need flexible storage close to home. They’re relatively affordable and will keep your items safe when you don’t need them at your fingertips. People use storage units to keep bikes, winter clothes, kitchen appliances they don’t use frequently, and things like camping equipment.

When you need to grab something, all you have to do is zip over to the storage unit and fetch them. You get to keep your house free of clutter without having to throw away things you need. It’s a fantastic solution for people living in small spaces and families with children.

Armor Storage | 517 E. Industrial Blvd. Pueblo West, Colorado 81007 United States
Armor Storage | 517 E. Industrial Blvd. Pueblo West, Colorado 81007 United States

If you’re looking for a storage facility to store your belongings, Armor Storage has got you covered in this department. Here at Armor Storage, we offer a wide range of unit selections and top-notch security. To learn more about our self-storage facility, please check out our website at

How Do You Know If You Have Too Much Stuff?

It’s an interesting question, whether you have too much stuff. A cluttered house to one person is a home to another. Certain people’s treasures are dismissed as junk by friends or relatives who prefer clean spaces and open floorplans.

Having too much stuff has a lot to do with personal perspective and your stage in life. For example, if you think you have too much stuff as a college student, just wait until you have some kids and start buying toys. In many cases, the stuff you have only grows the older you get.

girl stressed out on so many stuff at home

However, no one wants to have too much stuff. So then, you start to feel overwhelmed when it’s time to clean. You find yourself not being able to use spaces like the garage or basement the way you want to. You’re worried about buying new things because you don’t know where to put them! Drawers are overflowing, cabinets are full, and you can’t seem to throw away things that you aren’t using anymore.

If you’re wondering how much stuff is too much, here’s some information to help you make the call. Decluttering is freeing and is a fantastic way to sort through things to find out what you really need and what you can give away.

Signs You Have Too Much Stuff

Stuff can creep up on you. One moment you’re feeling fine and having fun buying things, and the next, you’re frustrated about how little space you have left in your house or apartment. When your place gets too crowded, it can make things more difficult. Here are some signs you’ve got too much stuff.

Trouble Finding Things

Do you have a hard time finding things? If you’re rifling through piles of kitchen supplies to find the mixer attachments, or you can’t find your batteries no matter where you look, you may have too much stuff.

People should try to keep only as many possessions as they can responsibly keep track of and maintain. Losing something is one thing but having trouble finding something in a sea of other stuff is a problem you should avoid.

old things and appliances at home

Buying Duplicates

You might have too much stuff if you have multiple irons or several vacuums. First, consider whether you need more than one item, no matter what it is. Typically, you’re better off using it until it’s worn out and buying a new one than keeping more than one at the same time.

Stuff Stresses You Out

For many people, just thinking about their stuff is a good way to stress them out. If this sounds like you, then you probably have too much stuff in your house. Avoidance is a common tactic. People will stop going into their cluttered garage, so they don’t have to remember what a mess it is.

Trouble Moving Around

Too much stuff can mean you can’t move around your house like you want to. If walkways or sections of rooms are off-limits because of piles of boxes or furniture you don’t use, then it could be time for some spring cleaning. And we don’t necessarily mean hoarder-level stuff. Most situations, of course, aren’t that dire. However, many folks already live in tight spaces, so managing stuff ensures you can feel comfortable and relaxed at home.

cluttered things ready to be boxed

You Wish You Had Less Stuff

One sign you have too much is when you wish you didn’t. So if you wonder what your house would feel like with everything gone, you should likely start sorting through things to find out what can go.

How to Declutter When You Have Too Much

It’s hard to declutter, especially when your stuff is still useful and valuable. Chances are, you’re not tiptoeing around piles of old newspapers or worthless junk. When you have things you like, it makes parting with them challenging.

Still, decluttering, once you start, can feel fantastic and help you feel more at peace with your things. It’s a process that, once you start, you can build into your routine. Eventually, you’ll make purchases with more discernment and only buy things you either really need or love tremendously.

woman sorting her clothes to keep or declutter

Decluttering an entire house is daunting. Instead, go through your house one room at a time. When you decide whether to get rid of something, take a look at it and think about when was the last time you used it. Ask yourself how much you enjoy owning it.

Avoid keeping anything because you might need it one day. And, if it’s been several months since you last used it, set it in the “sell” or “give away” pile. Instead, work your way through things and try to keep things you treasure.

Set goals for how you want your space to feel. You shouldn’t get rid of stuff just to get rid of things. Instead, imagine how you want your garage to look and work your way toward that vision.

Use Storage as a Flex Space for Seasonal Items

Not everyone has stuff they can simply get rid of when they need to declutter. Imagine you’re living in an NYC apartment without closet space. You can’t buy a new winter coat every year. The same goes for bikes. If you have nice bikes and no room to keep them in the garage, where should you keep them?

man pushing a cart of boxes in a storage unit to keep

Millions of people across America use self-storage units as flexible storage spaces that help them keep a handle on how much stuff they keep at home. With a storage unit, you can store items you don’t need all year or that you’re not ready to get rid of yet. People use them to house family heirlooms, winter clothing, sports equipment, and other things that tend to pile up in a corner at home.

Storage units come in various sizes to suit your needs. They can help you manage spring cleaning efficiently so you don’t feel like you have to toss more than you want to. You can also keep seasonal items there and go grab them when it’s time to get the sleds, jackets, and gloves for the snow.

Living with stuff gets a lot easier once you have a system in place to keep you organized!

Armor Storage | 517 E. Industrial Blvd. Pueblo West, Colorado 81007 United States
Armor Storage | 517 E. Industrial Blvd. Pueblo West, Colorado 81007 United States

If you’re looking for a storage facility to store your belongings, Armor Storage has got you covered in this department. Here at Armor Storage, we offer a wide range of unit selections and top-notch security. To learn more about our self-storage facility, please check out our website at